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Phase 2-These chairs will be designed and completed by Amish Crafted Furnitures Amish Wood worker. Customer assumes full responsibility of these chairs. Amish Crafted Furniture will instruct its wood vendors in making the chairs according to and only with the wood and dimensions in this order as discussed by Amish Crafted Furniture and our customer Owen & Katie Holt. Amish Crafted Furniture nor our vendor will be held responsible for this custom order in being held to the exact match, finish or style of any pictures or drawings. We and our vendors will do all that we possibly can within our limits to make the chairs as close to possible as discussed with our vendor and our customer. Ordering of the chairs agrees with Amish Crafted Furnitures polices set forth on amishcraftedfurniture.net website.

The final stain will be determined by the customer prior to finishing the chairs and will match the conference table previously ordered by the customer.

A 60% deposit of $6,800.00 must be paid by check and funds must clear Amish Crafted Furnitures accounts before production begins.

Shipping is not included in custom orders and will be billed with the final billing. If the chairs are ordered and delivered with the conference table then shipping will be included. If the chairs are delivered separately then shipping and handling will be $900.00. Shipping (if billed) and the final payment must be paid and funds must clear our accounts before chairs go to finish shop.

Details of custom chairs.

Customer has chosen option Open Back Design with Queen Anne Style Legs from pencil drawings provided by Amish Crafted Furnitures wood worker. Legs, chair posts, trim and back design of chair will be finished in stain to match conference table.

24 (twenty four) Custom Chairs. The price of each individual chair does not include the leather, customer needs to supply 50 yards of leather to cover chairs. A two inch foam will be applied and the cost of each chair will include the building of the chair, the finished stain and labor to upholster the chair and buttons for the front of the seat back of each chair.

Wood:Oak with stain of customers choice chosen from Amish Crafted Furnitures stains to match stain of Conference Table previously ordered by customer.

Dimensions are as follows:

Top of cushion to the floor 18″

Depth of chair 18″

Width of the back of the top of the chair and back of the seat 18″

Width of the front of the chair 18.5″

Overalll Height of chair 41″

Height from chair top of cushion to top of chair 23″


Individual Chair cost with shipping included $469.00 (this cost only applies providing the chairs and table are shipped together)

Chairs total Cost paid by check: $11,256.00 (this cost only applies providing the chairs and table are shipped together)

Phase-1 60% down payment $6,800.00

40% Due for final payment before chairs go to finish shop-$4,456.00 and additional cost of $900.00 for Shipping and Handling will be added to the final cost  providing the chairs are not delivered with conference table

Total cost including shipping and handling $11,256.00 (this cost only applies providing the chairs and table are shipped together)

Total cost if extra shipping and handling is applied $12,156.00

*No other discounts, coupons or monthly promotions apply. Cost shown on product page is the total sum of this custom order including shipping and handling, (this cost only applies providing the chairs and table are shipped together)


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